Financial Aid For International Students

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The students who are not from the United States, or not categorized as eligible non-citizen- have limited chances of getting a financial aid.

NOTE- Non-resident aliens are not eligible for federal aid, but the schools can reward their students with their own scholarships and grants. International students should consult the schools in order to figure out the criteria for availing such benefits.

As stated before- many colleges have their own set of rules –even the US residents will have to fill the special aid forms of those colleges.

A few colleges require a certificate of finance, that certifies the amount of money your parents possess, along with the earnings from their income.

Here, you are dealing with two separate systems that have their own differences. Hence, applying early is the best option.


The International students will encounter a special set of questions; these questions are asked by CSS/PROFILE. The international students might well be asked to complete their PROFILE form (if required).


From the day you start filling out the forms; you will have to convert your national currencies into US dollars with the help of exchange rates. You will be provided with special instructions.

Some colleges will be willing to take a note of your actual tax returns. So, you will have to convert the statistics into English (numbers and alphabets).

NOTE- When the custodial parents fill the form – it automatically makes a dependant student ineligible for the Simplified Needs Test or Automatic Zero-EFC.


If, you are planning to study abroad – there are two types of programs-

  • Programs run by your own college
  • Programs that are run by others

In the first case- You will not have any problem in getting the school to offer the package.

In the second case- Getting a financial aid will be comparatively difficult. Some schools might qualify you for federal aid, while some might not consider your application for THE financial aid. You need to consult the Financial Admission Officer for details.

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