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How to Apply for State Aid

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To calculate your state aid eligibility, the state will require some personal information from you. Some states avail that information from the FAFSA form which you have filled for the federal aid, while the others require you to fill up additional forms. These forms may either be present with the high school guidance counsellor, or if the high school has got no idea about such forms, then you can contact the state agency.

When a student decides to study in a state other than his own state of residence, then the form he avails from the high school may not be useful to him (except when your residence state has a reciprocal agreement with the state you wish to study in). The state aid is not only based on need, but also on the value of the tuition fees of the university. Thus, the aid one gets from different college may vary. If you are eligible for a grant in the state financial aid, then it will appear as a part of your aid package. There are some kind of “special loans”, which are similar to the Stafford loans provided by the federal government. These special loans are not provided by all the states, and they appear as a part of your aid package.

The instate residents have to pay far less tuition fee at a public university than the out-of-state residents. So, students try to establish fake residency in the state they study. There were some changes made to the rules, which made it difficult for student to establish residency (in some state you can still easily establish your residency).

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