How Will You Give The Projection For The Next Year?

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Carefully project, your next year’s income with a conservative attitude. You must project, keeping the worst case in your mind.

Schools that require the PROFILE form, often get your projected income from the College Board analysis. You need to mention your work status in the Explanation/Special Circumstances section of the form.

  • You must ensure not to list any deferred compensation – 410 (k), or 403 (b) or the contributions to IRAs or Keoghs as a part of your untaxed income.
  • In order to show your projected income from work – you need to put your gross wages along with the deferred compensation.

What if I lose my job while my child is still at school?

You need to inform the Financial Admission Officer immediately. However, the admission officer will not revise your aid for the current semester, but he will understand that you will need more aid for the next year.


If you face challenging situations which are not under your control like – an accident that has led to a lot of expenses, reduction in salary, disability, theft etc. You should inform the Financial Admission Officer as soon as possible. This will help you in getting emergency aid funds.

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