Older Students With Financial Aid

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Students, who return to the same school for the purpose of higher education, might still have to apply for the financial aid. They have to show their needs just like a freshman, and the aid would be given in a similar fashion.

What is the difference?

If, a student returns after employment – he/she can easily argue with the Financial Admissions officer that he/she has not earned enough money in his/her short tenure in the job. Hence, he deserves a better offer. The older students will be independent by now, and have added advantages.

What should be the strategy of an older student?

  • If, you are working for a company – Ask, your company if they can pay for your cost, as most companies have the provision of paying for the adult education.
  • There are some colleges, that give you an added advantage in the form of credits, that are based on your life experiences. These credits are called as Life Credits. Hence, an older student with real life experiences, can earn these credits. These credits can be similar to that of the financial aid.
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