The Schools Own Forms

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Apart from the standardized need analysis forms, some schools may also ask you to fill their own forms. The deadlines may differ from both the standardized forms and the admission applications.

This form filled to look for discrepancies. It may happen, that the same questions that were asked while filling the standardized forms are asked again. This is done to verify the discrepancies.

The forms include questions that can give a more detailed breakdown of your income and assets.

  • Questions like- What kind of assets do you have?
  • How liquid are they?
  • hildren’s educational plans for the current year and the upcoming year.

There are some questions asked by the colleges, that are not even asked by the FAFSA or PROFILE, like- the income and assets information about the non-custodial parents.

Some college may ask you to fill the standardized, or paper CSS/Non-custodial parent’s statement or the Non-custodial PROFILE.

The advice follows here too. Read the questions and be careful with your answers. Try to be consistent with the answers, as the colleges may crosscheck the information, by verifying the data entered by you on the FAFSA or PROFILE.

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