Transfer and Graduate Students –What is the Difference in the Process

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The process is very much similar to that of the undergraduate or freshmen, but there are a few differences-

To understand the difference, let us take a look at the following points-


The deadlines for graduates and undergraduates are different. You need to look into your application for the specific deadlines.


  • If, you have previously attended any college, or you are a transfer student, then you have to send your financial transcript. A financial transcript is very much different from your academic transcript, and you will have to submit it – even if, you have not taken any financial aid.
  • In case, you have taken a loan for education, the colleges will use it to check the amount you borrowed and examine your financial situation. They will also get an idea about the deal offered to you by other colleges.
  • Transfer students have to be very careful and precise as freshmen students are always given the first priority.
  • Transfer students who have maintained a high grade point are highly preferred.


Graduate loans are easy to come as some schools allow you to borrow the entire cost of attendance. The Stafford loans provide stability and flexibility. Suppose, you are running out of money and you need more – you can borrow from Grad PLUS loan. There are other private loans that give you the liberty to borrow based on your requirement.

You are already aware that most schools require the FAFSA. However, schools may require you to fill the PROFILE form or the Need Access Financial Aid Application.

  • NOTE- Both PROFILE and Need Access Financial Aid Application ask similar questions.


  • Meeting the federal regulations is important to avail Stafford loans, and you have to qualify the federal government’s independent students test.
  • If you are independent (as per the definition of federal aid), then you are eligible – even if, your parents claim that you are dependent.
  • However, some schools might ask for the parent’s financial data and might refuse to give you loans. Since, you fulfil the rules and regulations of the federal aid; you will be eligible for the Stafford loans-irrespective of the unavailability of your parent’s financial data.

The FAFSA, PROFILE or the Need Access Financial Aid Application – if, either one of them requires parental information, then you might have to consider filling up the yellow and purple sections of 2014-2015 FAFSA.

While applying for MBA, law school etc. -Taking a huge amount of loan is considerable. However, if you are looking for a PhD – you must look for the grant money.

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