Transfer Options (Option-1, Option-2, Option-3)

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Transfer-Option 1

Suppose, your family has a very tight budget, and you are still determined to study in the top private colleges, then you should consider enrolling yourself in a Two-year course in a community college. The tuition fees of these colleges are nominal and affordable with an average fee of $3,264. Students who come from a community college and have a great academic record can transfer to their desired college after 2 years (provided that they qualify for the college). This is the best way to save some money.

Transfer-Option 2

If you have got your eyes set on a particular private college, but your family is not in a condition to afford your education, then you can enrol in a public college for 2 years, and then transfer into a private college. This is the best way to earn a degree from your desired private college at a very affordable price.

NOTE- Transfer can save you a lot of money, but to be eligible for this option, you have to study hard in the public institution and qualify with outstanding marks.

Transfer-Option 3

You can pursue your under graduation in an instate public college, as it is comparatively cheap and affordable. After you complete your undergraduate studies, you can shift to the top league private universities for your higher education.

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